Rate caps.

This week the electricity rate caps in our area expired. We had been warned that we can expect our electricity bills to raise dramatically. It is possible that our bills will be as much a 40% higher than in the year prior. We have made a number of changes in our home and lives to anticipate this event. Our bathroom lighting fixtures now feature energy efficient light bulbs. We have also switched many of our electronic devices from tradition power strips to smart power strips. I have been line drying as much of our clothes as possible to limit the use of our clothes dryer. The children have been being trained to turn off whatever lights they are not using. Yesterday, I picked up discounted LED light bulbs to use on our Christmas tree next year. I have made as many changes as I possible can but wish there were more I could do. I would install solar panels but that is just not in our budget right now. I am anxious to see what our first electric bill under the new rate plan is going to be.