What is it?

For years I have had what I assumed were allergic reactions to something. They seem to have gotten worse as I have gotten older and I can't tell what is causing them. I have had allergy testing and it didn't reveal much in terms of things I can avoid. In doing a bit of research I have found that there is a disorder called a cluster headache that sounds like what I am experiencing. I am hopeful that there is something that can be offered to me that will help alleviate the incredible pain I feel when I have one of these attacks. I know that some of the things that work for migraine treatment are also prescribed for cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are like the big brother of migraines. I don't think I can begin to describe the way I feel in the midst of one of these attacks. It is like having an unbearable headache and an allergy attack all at the same time. At my upcoming doctor's appointment I hope to find some answers as to what is going on in my head.