Good food.

I spent yesterday in the kitchen after the children were done with school. I try to dedicate one day a week to baking. I intended to make a number of things but only ended up making three. The projects I accomplished were making bread for the week. I usually make a combination of bread and rolls for sandwiches and breakfast. After the bread was started I decided to take a moment to assess our freezer and see what needed to be used. I had picked ten pounds of blueberries. I still hadn't used any of them and decided it was time. After doing some research I found the perfect recipe for yogurt blueberry muffins. They were super easy to make and I ended up with about 24 of them. After these were in the oven I then turned my attention to making cookies. There wasn't a single sweet thing to eat in the cupboard for the family to snack on. Our current favorite cookie is a version of Monster cookies that are made primarily of oatmeal and peanut butter with just a hint of chocolate chips. These cookies are wholesome enough that I don't feel bad when my 4 year old insists on eating them for breakfast. I never did make it to making granola or a the other things on my list.