Is this the gift?

My father-in-law is almost impossible to buy gifts for. He is one of those people who has everything and is interested in nothing. The only things that I really know for sure that he cares about is watching television and cars. It is so hard to buy him gifts because he will openly complain to you about the gift you buy. I wish we could just set a rule and not exchange gifts because my life would be simpler. Right now I am considering buying him something for his car. He drives really fast and it makes always wonder how many speeding tickets he has gotten. I am thinking that I should look into what the best radar detectors are and whether you can have them in the state where he lives. He just got a new sports car and I am quite sure he is putting it to the test on the highway. I wonder what kind of message it would send if I did give him a radar detector for Christmas? I wish he would just slow down when he drives but maybe this type of gift would give him a gentle nudge without actually saying what I am thinking. All I really want is for him to focus on his driving and the road around him.