Totally worth it.

Early in the summer we decided to place and order for a half a pig through a local farmer. We have never ordered pork in the past this way and didn't really know what to expect. The price for the pig was $1.49 a pound hanging weight plus butcher fees. We weren't really sure how much meat to expect but figured this would be a learning experience for the future. Yesterday my husband picked up the pork and we are very happy with the results. Our side of pork ended up weighing 77.5 pounds and with the butcher fees we spent $164.00. This came out to about $2.10 per pound. We cooked some of the bacon tonight along with some waffles. The bacon was amazing. Like nothing my children have ever tasted. It brought me back to my childhood on the farm. We grew pigs each year and always had the best bacon and pork. I had really forgotten how much better farm raised and locally processed pork could be.