Stocked to the gills.

I do believe I can say that I am done putting away food for the time being. Quite honestly I have no place else to put another thing. This was a year that has been dedicate to local eating. I have done my very best to stay out of the grocery store and look for my food in other local places. We grew a couple gardens which supplied us with quite a bit of food. In addition we made frequent visits to the local farms stands and farmer's markets to buy fresh local produce in bulk. For our meat we turned to local farmer's. We were able to get over 300 pounds of local grass fed beef, pork, and chicken for around $3.00 a pound. I buy my flour and baking supplies from the local Amish bulk foods store and try to bake all the stuff we used to buy myself. We have 4 chickens that should start supplying all our egg needs in the next few months. We started buying our pet supplies from the local feed store. It really is possible to not enter a Walmart or chain store if you try really hard.