Quite a spread.

This afternoon was the portion of my week that I set aside to get my weekly baking done. I find that if I dedicate one day to baking it makes the job seem less daunting. I am able to get things done in such a way that the clean up is painless and the time involved is minimized. The downside is that my family looks at this one day like an endless buffet. They eat and eat until I question if we are going to need the best diet pills in the future. I have to admit the smells of fresh bread, muffins, granola, cookies, and rolls is quite tantalizing. Nothing ever tastes as good the next day as it does fresh out of the oven. I have to keep telling myself that although they tend to eat more on this one day of the week that it balances out over the course of the week. By the end of the week there are a limited number of snacks and goodies that remain which equates to smaller amounts of calories being consumed.