Would you say something?

This lady moved in across the street a couple of months ago. Since then it has become pretty clear that she isn't quite right. Social rules and boundaries just seem to escape her. She has some unusual habits that we have watched with curiosity and wonder. Most of the stuff she does is harmless. There is one thing that she is doing which is driving many people nuts. She puts trash on the curb on random days that are not anywhere near trash collection day. Most of her trash is in Walmart bags and some of it is just loose. This stuff ends up blown all over the neighborhood. I know someone is mad at her because the loose trash keeps being placed in the middle of her yard by someone. I am debating about sending an anonymous note letting her know that trash should only be placed on the curb the night before collection. It is going to be a mess if she keeps it up once winter comes. Would you send a note? Because she is so odd and very needy we don't want to engage in more personal conversation that is necessary.