Invites and more invites.

My husband works with about 25 women and one man. The women are always having parties and are nice enough to send me an invitation to these events despite the fact I don't know any of them. I have been invited to parties to buy wholesale jewelry, purses, makeup, and cooking items. I think it is nice that they invite me but I have yet to attend a single party. I just would find it weird to go to a party by myself where I don't know anyone. I might attend if the invitations indicated that I could bring a friend along but they don't. I feel bad at times because we aren't buying anything. When I consider the fact that we aren't ever hosting one of these events I don't let it worry me to much. I figure that these things are usually reciprocal in nature. You attend a party and then you end up hosting one down the road. Not attending one means no one can ask me to host one.