How do they do it?

There are days when I wonder how children manage to do everything they do in a day. My kids are constantly moving and doing things. They also eat constantly. I mean I seriously wonder some days why we can't all have the metabolism of children because clearly they are the best fat burners around. The amount of food my children eat in a day would make me gain weight every day without fail. Somehow they manage to stay slim and never miss a beat. I suppose there is some consideration that should be given to the foods they eat which are all homemade. I can imagine that if our home were filled with highly processed foods they might not be in the same situation. I know plenty of active kids that are carrying extra weight around and don't understand why. I have to think there is something to what they eat and not how much they are moving. What gets to me is that I am eating the same food as my kids and I still battle the bulge. I suppose I have to move more.