What will it take?

Have you ever known someone who just couldn't take a hint? I mean even a really strong hint? We met a family a few years ago that seemed at first to be a good match for our family. Our children are the same age and we both home school. Over time it became clear that our patterns of thinking about the world were vastly different. Slowly I began to realize that they really were on a mission to convert us to their system of belief. I am someone who appreciates that other people have different views of the world and don't consider it my job to change those views. This family WILL NOT leave us alone. I have canceled or decline almost every invitation in those two years. I have tried hiding in my car while waiting for our children to get out of activities but she will track me down and open my car door and get inside to talk! If she weren't so obsessive about being friends I could almost deal with it but the daily and bi-daily invites are a bit much. They even invite themselves over. Not matter how many times I cancel at the last minute they just keep on coming at me.