Tuckered out.

Today was the final day of day camp this summer for our older son. I honestly think he is glad to be done with it all. I know he had an amazing time at camp but I think he is not used to days that are quite that full or long. This afternoon he actually asked to stay home from swimming class just so that he could rest. The look on his face told me that he had found one of best sleep aids around which is pure exhaustion. Since we have nothing scheduled at all for tomorrow I will be quite interested to see just how late he sleeps. Having had to get up and out the door early in the morning for the last month has not been his favorite thing to do. Hopefully he thinks back on this when the thought occurs to him that he might prefer public school over home schooling. I know that he would not like having to get up early every morning for months on end. This parent is particularly please to not have to get up herself and be out the door dressed and ready to meet the world!