There is something about social networking sites that have been grating on my nerves lately. For whatever reason people seem to just perpetually use Facebook and the like as a means to vent their frustration with the world. I almost dread logging into Facebook because I know I won't read about the joys and happiness in the lives of my friends. I will instead be reading about how they hate their jobs, the migraines they have had for two days, how their fibromyalgia is acting up, or how depressed they are. Maybe it is my circle of friends but I am willing to be most people have that experience on Facebook. If you need a place to really vent your feeling I say you should start blogging. When I post to Facebook I try to keep it lighthearted and fun. I seriously doubt that anyone really cares about my sinuses or the fact that my back hurts. We all get frustrated and we all have periodic pain but life moves on. If you focus day in and day out on the negative how can you ever see the positive things around you?