Over doing it.

Over the course of this summer I have fallen off my diet wagon so to speak. I haven't gained a ton of weight but just enough to make me feel like I need a bit of phentramine or something. I had sworn off sugar and white flour but slowly they have crept back into my diet in small amounts. I am trying to get control over the desire to taste something decadent like pastries and whatnot but it is hard. My children need and occasional treat and one can only eat so much whole wheat flour. A little taste here and there and before I know it I might as well have eaten an entire serving at once. I tend to do better for some reason in the winter because I cook more meals. When it is so unbelievably hot I tend to make quick and easy meals which aren't always the most carb friendly. Being stuck inside forces to me to look in the mirror more often and I then plan our meals much better. I know this is no excuse but at least I admit my failings. Hopefully we have break in the weather soon and I can get back into the swing of cooking good meals once again.