Oil leak under control.

One might call me a tree hugger I suppose. This isn't really an accurate description but I am someone who is trying to lead a cleaner life. I have some vague familiarity with some of the environmental issues in our world. I tend to focus on my immediate world and what I can do to make it greener. I have been concerned about the Gulf Oil Spill and quite sickened by it. I cannot fathom how it will ever be rectified in any sense of the word. The price we are going to pay will be for generations to come. At least today we have word that they have finally capped the leak. I can only pray it is a permanent solution and I don't turn on the news tomorrow and read about gushing oil once again. How on earth in this world of technology and science could such a disaster be allowed to continue to happen? We can fix so many things instantly you would think they might have planned for such a thing when they built these system. It make you wonder how many other disasters are just lurking underground or around the corner in your neighborhood?