Boggles my mind.

Whenever we spend time with my in-laws I usually come away pondering one thing or another. Our last visit was no exception. My in-laws are what I would consider financially sensible people. They don't carry debt and buy only what they can afford. They have always saved for a rainy day and will be able to retire without worries. For some reason I expected that they would have some sort of life insurance but they don't. For whatever reason they don't see the need for it. I didn't say anything when they mentioned this but was taken aback nonetheless. My worry would be that if for some reason they had to spend their savings that they would have nothing to cover funeral expenses which we couldn't do right now. I wish they would get some sort of senior life insurance but it isn't my decision to make. Somehow I doubt they see themselves as ever needing a residential care facility and don't realize that these can use up your savings very quickly. As much as I don't want to be gloomy there is just no way to predict the future. We all want to grow old gracefully but it doesn't always happen that way.