A good summer.

The thought occurred to me today that this summer has been pretty great thus far. A couple of months ago I remember posting about how worried I was that my husband wouldn't be able to do the things we normally do during the summer. At the time he was recovering from a serious car accident that left him with a broken leg. I remember wondering if he would face a life or even a summer of pain and stiffness. I wondered if he would forever need pain medication or at the very least joint health supplements. I am pleased to report he seems to be back to about 75% of his normal activity level for this time of year. He has not gotten on his bicycle yet but keeps saying he is going to. I can only hope that he isn't masking pain for my benefit. If he never rides a bike again that is fine with me as long as he can walk and function without constant pain and stiffness. I know that he has some stiffness in the morning but he claims if is gone by midday. I am just so thankful to have him here that I cannot tell you what a wonderful summer this is turning out to be.