We have had DSl service for about the last two years. I cannot say it has been terrible nor has it been particularly impressive. Compared to the cable internet that we tried prior to DSL the DSL has been superior. I have been noticing lately that our speed is not quite what I would expect and finally called to see if a faster speed DSL was available to us. I called about 4 days ago and the upgrade was complete within 24 hours. The upgrade was the only package that I was told was available to us which I found weird. On the online website it showed 3 levels of service were available in my area but I couldn't make the change to the fastest package online nor could customer service when I called. We ended up with a middle level package that really ended up being not much faster than what we had. Today I checked the website again on a whim and for whatever reason the highest speed package was suddenly available to me. I find this very odd but made the choice to upgrade nonetheless. I am hopeful that on some level we will end up with a package that meets our internet needs which are pretty intense. When you consider that I work from home and the children both attend online charter schools it makes having a fast speed internet much more important than if we were watching videos or whatnot.