Two students in the house.

This week it finally sunk in that I am indeed going to be home schooling two students this year instead of one. When I signed my younger son up for cyber charter school it seemed so far off in the future. I knew that eventually I would need something like Hon office furniture or a small desk and a few extra shelves but I didn't think beyond that. When his computer and text books arrived on Monday the realization hit me that he really is going to start kindergarten and that I am now responsible for two students instead of one. My older son has a natural drive to learn and has been a breeze to home school. He had a couple of years of public school to prepare him for what being a student meant. My younger son has never known any other environment that home and it leaves me wondering how he will adapt to sitting at a desk. I am entering this school year with the knowledge that no two students learn in the same way and that we are going to have to make changes to adjust for our little guy. It should prove to be another fun adventure as we expand our student population in the coming weeks.