Eating local.

This summer I set out to try to accumulate as much locally grown produce and food as possible. I came to the realization that buying food in the grocery store is not the best choice for my family and our world. Buying locally grown food strengthens the local economy and ensures that there will be healthy food in my home. So far we have grown a tremendous amount of food right in our own backyard. What I am not growing I am finding at the farmer's market and local produce stands. Another great option I have found is "pick your own" produce places. Thus, far we have a bounty of locally grown strawberries and blueberries. My plans include adding peaches, apples, and pears to this list. I am spending every free minute I find canning or freezing food and am so pleased to see my shelves and freezer starting to show the results of this effort. I know my family will enjoy these goodies for many months to come.