What do you do?

When we began home schooling a couple of years ago I blindly thought that our days of dealing with bullies were over. I now realize that everywhere you send your child there is the potential for a bully to make himself known. Today my son had an experience with bullies while at swimming class at the YMCA. All the boys in his class are a couple years away from needing a visit to www.bestacnecreams.com but are testing the boundaries nonetheless. The things they were saying and doing were things you would expect from teenagers and not 10 year old boys. Fortunately my son did not respond to their comments and made the choice to simply exit the situation. It is so hard to prepare your child for these type of experiences when they come out of the blue. My son made good choices today which leaves me feeling proud. I am sad that he can't take a simple swimming lesson without it turning into a lesson in social skills.