I don't read them.

We have three people in our immediate family circle who email us constantly. These three people account for most of the emails in our incoming mailbox. A long time ago I realized that most of the emails they send us are simply stuff that they mass forward to everyone in their address box. I automatically delete them without reading them when they indicate that they are forwarded mail. I simply do not have the time to sit and read every joke or story that comes my way. I view these jokes to be about as funny as I would a list of car insurance companies. Why do people automatically assume that everyone in the free world holds the same political or religious views? I don't forward stuff because I do not know for sure that many of the people on my email list share my views. What kills me as each of these three people always ask if I got their email and what did I think. I have told them on several occasions that they send so many emails that many go to our spam box but that doesn't seem to sink in. I would take the hint that if a person never reads my emails there must be a reason and would stop sending them.