A morning out with myself.

In the morning I am getting up early and heading out the door by myself. My destination is the local farmer's market. Our farmer's market opens very early in the morning and also ends before lunch time. If you want to get the pick of the produce you need to be up and out the door early. I am hoping that I will find some good deals on stuff that I cannot make or grow myself but need. One thing on my list is honey. I use quite a bit of honey in baking and hate having to buy it at the store. I just don't like the idea that my honey is coming from some foreign country. I also like supporting local people. Often what I buy might cost a wee bit more but the quality is amazing. There is no comparing local fruits and vegetables to those that are trucked in from across the country. I am going to the market by myself because it is impossible to get everyone in my family up and dressed and out the door and still get there in time for the best picking. I admit that I also like a little quiet time to myself without anyone begging me for stuff we don't need.