A good garden.

I have never had much luck with growing household plants. I simply forget to water them or over water them. When we set out to plant a real garden this year I will admit that I didn't hold out much hope. Inside I believed that we would be lucky if we got a few vegetables here and there. The reality is far different from my expectations. We have been very diligent with taking care of our garden and are now reaping the rewards. I cannot describe how happy I am when I pull up a fully grown carrot or pluck a huge zucchini off the vine. It always seems like a little bit of a miracle to me. I know this sounds silly but inside I have that childlike amazement that a small seeds grows into a big beautiful plant with just a bit of tender care and attention. It makes me wonder if I had been as invested in my houseplants what might have become of them. Next year I intend to double or triple my garden space and hopefully the results will be just as bountiful.