Allergy troubles.

There is something happening with my family that is causing our allergies to go crazy. I cannot yet figure out what is causing it but I need to. My older son woke up with morning with his face covered in hives. This is the second time this has happened to him in a month. Our younger son broke out in a similar way about 3 weeks ago. My nose will not stop itching and I can't seem to tolerate anything next to my skin today. If it were possible to sit around in my lingerie I would. Minimizing the contact anything has with my skin right now would be great. Sitting around half dressed is not really an option. I would almost speculate that whatever is causing our allergic reactions was something to do with our soap. The problem is that my children use different soaps than I do for bathing. I am going to have to look closely at what is going into the washing machine to determine if that might be a contributing factor. My poor son looks terrible but says that his skin doesn't itch.