Things I dream of.

My list is growing shorter of things I want to accomplish this summer. The garden is in and thriving. There are rain barrels ready for the next rainstorm. The compost bin is ready to be assembled. My canning jars have been amassed and the pressure canner is waiting on the shelf. I still have dreams of silly stuff like cob earth ovens or a small flock of chickens. I am not brave enough to raise bees but would love to have the honey. Living next to somewhat fussy neighbors on one side makes it somewhat hard to achieve all of my dreams without putting up a big fence. I am quite sure they would try to put a halt on my chicken flock if they could see them. I wonder if you can raise chickens on the sly? I am not aware of city ordinances against them but dealing with crotchety neighbors could make it hard. What do you wish you could have in your own backyard?