Building a scarecrow.

Now that our garden is well underway we are turning our thoughts to keeping out predators. There are tons of rabbits in our neighborhood and they are known to create havoc in a garden. The birds seem particularly enamored with our garden. I tied several shiny CD's around the fence perimeter to discourage the birds and it seems to be working. My husband put a fence around the gardens and tacked them down well to detour the rabbits. Even our oldest son got into the spirit and built a scarecrow. He made several different attempts before settling on something he I believe called prototype 37c. I built it out of a couple of sticks and some old clothes. He insisted it have a face and made one out of Lego construction blocks. It is actually really neat the way he made the face hang onto the stick and wrap around it. I kept telling him to just stick a hat on the stick but he insisted it needed a face and built one. I love the ingenuity that child has when it comes to accomplishing a goal he has in his mind.