A good brushing.

For a couple of months I have been wondering what is going on with my hair. I have really thick hair and tons of it. For some reason it seems like I have been loosing a great deal more than normal. I have no idea what causes hair loss but I would like to know. My suspicion is that stress and diet have a great deal to do with it in my case. I have taken to given my hair a good brushing with a stiff bristle brush before I shower to cut down on what goes down the drain. Because I have so much hair I am not yet to the point of worry about the loss but it is kind of annoying to find it everywhere. There are days where I believe I shed more than the dog or cats. My heart really goes out to people who face this on an ongoing basis. In my case I know it is only temporary and could always be worse. If brushing my hair is the only issue I know I don't really have anything to complain about.