Men and toys.

For the last week my husband has been living in the garage. Not entirely living in there but it has felt like it. He has been on a mission to get this riding lawn mower running that my parents gave us. It isn't that we need a riding lawn mower or even have a large lawn that would require on. The reason he wants to get it running is to prove a point. All of the male members of my family declared the lawn mower as non-functional and junk. My husband felt differently and was very sure that he could fix it. My parents finally gave it to him and he set out to prove everyone wrong. Today he accomplished his goal and has been happily riding laps in the back yard. I am proud of his resilience in sticking to his guns and making things happen that he wants to have happen. I now hope that we can at least use the lawn mower for something good and that it doesn't just sit in the garage taking up space. I have no doubt but what he will come up with all kinds of uses for it in the coming months even if they are tasks that could just as easily be done without a lawn mower.