Planning for the future.

We have been working towards a goal of being as sustainable as possible. To us this means making as much of our food as we can from scratch as well as growing and preserving it ourselves. In addition we try to repurpose as many things as we can or buy them used from garage sales. It feels good to know that we are living a lifestyle which minimizes our role as consumers in this world. So many people I know are completely caught up in getting an obtaining stuff. They see shopping as a form of entertainment and owning things as some sort of entitlement that they are owed. There was a point in time when I believed that this was my role as well. I no longer believe the best stuff is new and that all my belongings need to be perfect. Living a "Better Homes and Garden" life is not what I want. I want to know where my food comes from and how it got to my table. I want to leave this world having tread lightly on it and owing as little as possible. Our debts are being eliminated and are freedom as a result is becoming ever more clear.