Out of the loop.

My priorities have shifted in the last year. The things that once seemed important just are as vital to my life anymore. Living a simple lifestyle has been very freeing. I can almost see why the Amish choose the lifestyle that they do. When you are not beholden to anyone except yourself to provide for your well-being it is freeing in a sense. There was a time when I worried constantly over staying on top the most recent changes in affiliate internet marketing and other strategies. It felt like I always had to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to make ends meet. Paying off our credit card debt and eliminating many of our monthly bills has been an amazing experience. We are now working towards producing as much of our food ourselves as possible. Realizing that our bills are now half what they were a year ago was a turning point. Our family is living a different life that seems much brighter and happier because of intentional changes we have made. I must admit I love not having to worry what I might be missing out on, in the news, because I am busy in the garden or in the kitchen making bread.