Ease up there pal.

Have you ever known someone who just didn't know when to quit? I have two friends who are very much like this and total polar opposites. All I can do is thank my lucky stars that they have never met and never will. One of these people is a completely devout Christian. It is almost to the point that I get overwhelmed with being around her. The other friend is a total atheist. She sends countless messages throughout the week mocking religion and the followers thereof. I have almost blocked her emails and posts on occasion because they are so over the top. With both of these people there are very endearing qualities that make me continue to want them in my life despite their religious views. I do admit that there are days where I want to put them in contact with each other just to give them someone to argue with and discuss their points of view aside from me. I would enjoy being a fly on the wall when that conversation takes place.