Information overload.

Tomorrow I am supposed to get together with a friend and her children. This particular friend is very much into healthy eating and organic foods. This is a common interest we share and frequently talk about. The problem is that she also does not believe in traditional medicine. Being a health care provide I obviously believe in the role of modern medicine in our lives. I hate that I have to tread lightly when it comes to this subject to avoid an argument. I made the mistake once of mentioning that I had tried a diet pill and was promptly drilled about diet pill side effects and how these drugs could impact my health. I think there is a point where you can become obsessed with knowing too much about certain things and it can degrade your quality of life. For example, we all know fast food is unhealthy but there are times where even a health conscious family can eat it without the end of the world coming. I firmly believe that the one or two times a month my children eat at McDonald's is not going to condemn them to a life of illness. Eating it everyday would be another story entirely.