Just plain silly.

We thought we knew our elderly neighbors fairly well. It turns out that apparently we do not. For a couple of years we have routinely mowed parts of their lawn when we mow ours. I also make sure to clear parts of their sidewalk and drive when I shovel our own. This weekend that all came to a screeching halt. Our elderly neighbor decided to scream at my husband for mowing part of their lawn like he always has. She yelled at him through her window and stated that he needed to "know where his property lines were". I have no idea what prompted this behavior nor why they didn't choose to handle it in a more diplomatic manner. You can believe though that our days of clearing leaves and snow are also going to come to a screeching halt. I accept that they are old and crotchety but I also do not accept being treated inappropriately as a result. If they want a clear division of the property line then they can put up a fence or some sort of boundary. I am not going to be screamed at for being a good neighbor or I guess in their opinion a bad neighbor.