Get up and do something.

Have you ever known someone who just could not stop complaining about their health? I have a couple of people like this in my life. I hate feeling this way but I almost tune them out the minute they start talking because I know what is coming. There is one particular person in my life who has a list of ailments a mile long that seems to be forever growing. Every time I speak with him the conversation automatically focuses on his newest health issue. I want to say something in regards to his lack of activity and desire to improve his health but I bite my tongue. I would even be impressed he started small and tried reading something about improving your health. It would be a first step if he just spent time reading noxycut reviews or information on healthy eating. I really believe that being ill how he identifies himself and that he cannot picture his world any other way. Simply becoming more active and trying to loose weight would go a long way to improving his outlook on his life and well-being.