Slowly the thought has been creeping up on me that I am now parenting a "tween". I have begun to see the differences in my older son more and more in the last few months. On one hand I am thankful to see signs of maturity and one another hand I am saddened. I am just not ready to be worrying about him chasing girls or needing the best acne treatments. I love him no matter what but it is hard to envision my sweet cuddly son distancing himself from me and worrying about his "privacy". He has begun asking questions that are more complex and give me insight into what his mind is thinking about. His thoughts have changed beyond just cartoons and robots to wondering about justice and injustice in our world. It is clear that he is going to be a thinker and a ponderer which is a good thing. I am just going to have to step up my game in answering his questions because if he doesn't get the answers he seeks. I know that if he doesn't get the answers that he seeks from me that he will be looking elsewhere.