Bye bye washer.

I am a funny lady or so it would seem. This week I asked my husband to take out our dishwasher. This isn't because I want it replaced with a new one. I just want it gone. The dishwasher we have is 22 years old and works fine. The problem is that it uses 15 gallons of water with every wash and tons of electric. I would rather just hand wash my dishes and have always felt that way. It makes no sense to me to hand wash pots and pans yet put dishes and cups in the dishwasher. There are many women I know who would not live without their dishwasher. I suppose if you had one that used very little water or electricity it would be alright to use. It would also be better if you could put pots and pans in it safely. I am opting for having my husband remove it and put shelves in where it was. I can also put the microwave in there and have it out of sight. Call me crazy but I like clear work spaces and doing stuff the old fashioned way.