A new day.

Last week was a turning point in our financial life as a family. We were able to pay off the last portion of our credit card debt and a personal loan. This makes us debt free aside from our student loans and mortgage. These are considered "good debt" and makes me less likely to worry about them. It feels like a cloud has been lifted from over our heads. I almost believe the dark circles are gone from beneath my eyes and I no longer need the best eye cream. Our goal is to pay only cash for the things we need and to not buy things that we cannot pay cash for. The extra money we have each month that would have gone to credit cards and the loan will now be directed to our mortgage. I have read that by making an extra payment a year you can shave about 7 years off of a thirty year mortgage. My plan is try to make two extra payments a year and maybe shave 14 years off our mortgage. I will have to calculate this to be sure because I am sure there are different factors depending on your mortgage.