Little changes.

Each week I try to make some small change that will impact our nutritional lifestyle. I have found that if I change too many things too quickly that my family becomes resistant. One week I may swap our store bought english muffins for homemade ones or our cereal for homemade granola. This week I am putting an end to our use of store bought margarine. The more I read about these "pseudo" foods the less I like them. I read about using a butter bell to keep real butter out on the counter and to keep it fresh. I remember as a child that my grandmother always kept butter sitting out and no one became ill. It seems like we have been so over taught by our news sources to worry about food related illness that we have lost track of common sense. I really believe our pseudo foods are a huge part of this problem. Real food will let you know when it is bad unlike pseudo food. Consider for a moment the case of a Happy Meal that is 14 years old. A woman out in the blogosphere has been documenting the curious fact that her 14 year old Happy Meal looks the same as a new one. Why do you think this might be? Real food molds and stinks. Her Happy Meal has neither molded nor begun to stink in all this time.