A little shocking.

Having satellite radio has been an eye opening experience. We love having the wide range of choices but have learned that we have to supervise our children in using the radio. There are no rules about what you can and cannot talk about on satellite radio. For example it would not be uncommon to hear a discussion of vigrx on the health stations or even reproduction. The comedy channels can get quite vulgar which is definitely not something young ears need to hear. Political discourse can hit on any number of hot button topics that we just aren't ready to discuss with our children. On the other hand the radio exposes our children to music that we would otherwise not be likely to hear on the regular radio. We love listening to music from the 40's during dinner. Our youngest son is taken with folk music and the older one likes techno music. There really is something for everyone but we have learned to be careful in letting the kids have free range with the radio.