This weekend we began our big push to get our garden started. The weather here has been just plain wacky. It has made it really hard to know what is safe to put in the ground and what is not. Our seed potatoes finally came and we can't wait to get them in the ground. We decide to use a method called "chitting" to give them a chance to get started inside before going into the ground. Right now I have trays of these prepared potatoes sitting on my counter. It has only been about 3 days and I already see signs of life. Our plan is to grow as many as possible and store them for winter by either canning them or putting them in a root cellar. It seems that we have ordered way too many seed potatoes but that is okay because I would rather have too many than too few. The type we are growing are called "Kennebec". These are supposed to be great for storage and also for baking, mashing, and making french fries. I will keep you posted as to how they are doing :)