Could it be real?

We just received some very good news that we have been waiting on. It puts us ever so close to being out of debt. Debt is something that we have been working very diligently to get away from and rid of. The events of the last few months have caused our efforts to be doubled. Realizing that if something were to happen to one of us that the other would be left with all of these bills was a sobering experience. I just delivered the good news about where our finances stand to my husband via telephone. I would have love to have had a camcorder and recorded his expression in person. The news we received will allow us to pay off our credit card bills and as well as a personal loan. This debt has been hanging over our heads for so long that we may not know what to do without it. The reality is that we will now have to continue to keep our values in regards to shopping and unnecessary purchases in check. I would hate to see all of this effort for naught if we were to once again get caught up in the consumerist mentality that plagued us for so long.