DIY food.

One of things I have been trying to do over the last several month is to revamp our eating habits. Part of this plan has been to include more real food. By real food I mean food that is made from wholesome ingredients and not processed. This has taken my family some time to adjust to but I believe we are finally making headway. The kids no longer turn up their noses as homemade graham crackers, english muffins, or yogurt. I am trying to ferment several different kinds of beverages but I am quite sure that no one in my house aside from me is going to try to drink them. I have been making Kefir for several days and find it surprisingly tasty. We have a batch of kombucha in the works but to be honest I am not sure even I will drink it. It looks pretty much like a science experiment gone wrong and smells even worse. I am all about cutting out the garbage from our diet and introducing good whole foods but even I have my limits it would seem.