Growing mushrooms.

It is funny the stuff that comes up in a search engine when you type in "grow mushrooms". In my quest for self-sufficiency I have been trying to learn as much as possible about growing my own food. We love mushrooms and I have read that people grow them both indoors and outdoors. I decided to look up growing mushrooms and didn't realize this would lead me to several sites about growing the type of mushrooms people use to get high. This is soooo not what I wanted to know about. In the back of my mind I envision some sort of government computer tracking whoever visits these sites and watching them. Well, I am saying here and now that I just want to grow shitake mushrooms on oak logs in my backyard! I will have to chuckle about what the people who follow me on Facebook will thin when they read about my mushroom adventures. They already think I have gone off the deep "green" end. I am not out to save the planet just to make an impression on my own little corner and my own children (who happen to hate mushrooms).