The day is upon us.

It surprised me to realize that tomorrow is the day when my husband will have his cast removed. On one hand the 7 weeks since the accident have seemed to drag and drag. On the other hand they seem to have flown by. I have been so busy juggling the details of our life that I haven't looked at the calender all that much. My biggest hope is that once the cast if off that he is able to quickly recover the strength he has lost in that leg. I also pray that there will be no lasting effects on his gait or ability to engage in the activities that he once enjoyed. My husband is a very active guy and loves to be doing something. It will be hard on him if for some reason he can't eventually get back to fully enjoying the use of both ankles like he did. At the very least he will be ambling about on two feet in time for summer which in and of itself is amazing considering how bad the accident was.