Cheese mastered.

Yesterday I made my second batch of cheese. It is a pretty straight forward process that but for some reason scares people. I made two rounds of Monterey Jack cheese. The process takes some time but considering that you are turning a liquid into a solid this rather makes sense in my opinion. We had company over yesterday and they gave last weeks cheese two thumbs up and say that I am onto something! My yogurt was also given the two thumbs up. It is funny to hear what people think of you when you say that you are trying to make most of your food from scratch. A couple of my friends jokingly say that I am turning Amish. The truth is that there is an entire movement out there in the world where people are purposefully turning away from "fast food" and setting out to create "slow food". I am now ready to find a new project and have been thinking about making homemade soap. Does anyone out there make soap? How do you choose a type of essential oil for scenting it over the internet?