What are you reading?

This past week I read~

Rhett Butler's People (It's a spin off from Gone With the Wind). Can't recall the author right now. If you like GWTW you'll love this one. Ford County by John Grisham. This was a little different than the other Grisham book's I've read because it was a lot of mini stories within one book. I liked it, though. Lost Symbols by Dan Brown. His books are always awesome. The Associate by John Grisham. This was a great book by Grisham as usual. Government conspiracy mixed with his usual law. I'm now reading Cross Country by James Patterson. It's been a good year since I've read anything because D #2 has pretty much not slept since he's been born but he is FINALLY going to bed at a decent hour. I hit the library and have had my head in a book ever since.