No casual days.

There is something about my dear husband that makes me giggle just a little bit. When it comes to grooming and dressing nicely he has a pretty strict regimen that he follows. For example he has to brush his teeth first in the morning, shave, and then shower. He cannot put his tazorac on until after he has put on his dress shirt and he must wear a certain color of socks with certain shoes. He prefers to dress in the bathroom but has to do it in the bedroom since he hurt his leg. His boss even told him that he could wear whatever he wanted to work since his leg is in a cast but he insists on dressing the same as always. If it were me I would wear workout clothes to work everyday as long as it were permitted by my boss. I suppose it is just his nature to not want special treatment. I would think when you are dragging around a 20 pound cast being comfortable would mean even more but I guess it doesn't to my husband. I love him dearly no matter what and just have to smile when I see him head off to work in the morning in his dress clothes and cast.