Grossed out.

Ok - this just grosses me completely out. The other day I noticed a little skin tag like thingy on our little dog. I didn't think much about it, but I have watched it. Okay...watch, watch, watch...it grow, grow, grow...turning from a tan looking color to a greysish, blackash color. I tell my hubby...I'm really concerned about that place on her head (right next to her ear).

Soooo, Monday I'm looking at it and I'm thinking ewwww - this is just so gross, I tell my dh..."it looks like a tick" Oh, Linda..."it's not a tick...we've had snow on the ground since December 18th, that's crazy". So, I'm calling my mom..."Mom, have you ever heard of a tick on an animal in the winter?" She says.."no, but I'm going out, I'lll run by" an hour later "ewwww IT DOES LOOK LIKE A TICK" .... okay, now I'm really freaking out. I call the vet. Me- "I know this is a stupid question Gary, but have you ever heard of a tick being on an animal in the winter?" Gary - "Not personally, but let me check"....I hear him asking then he comes back...."Oh YES"....Me "NO WAY"....Gary "WAAYYY". So now I'm completely freaked out.

I call dh at work. "You have to come home, it's an emergency....Our little baby has a tick and you have to get it." So my prince charming comes home, and I tell him they said he could bring her in just to make sure before he goes pulling on something that's not a tick. He was gone about 15 minues...pulls in drive, comes in house with our little baby...place gone....IT WAS A TICK!!! eck, poo, yuck.

The vet asked him if we use Frontline....YES, but not in the WINTER!!! Told him we need to keep it on her all year round.