We normally take about $800 from our taxes and buy a 1/2 of a beef from a local farmer. When you average it all out, it comes to about $2.09 a pound for hamburger, steaks and roast. I am now noticing all the great prices of $1.69 for roast at my local grocery store and hamburger for $1.58 a pound. This is cheaper than what I would be getting from the meat packing company, but I am wondering if I am going to be giving up quality or do you think it will be the same.

I guess I am wondering if I should just take the $800 and stock up on grocery store sales or just buy the beef from the meat packing company because of the quality. I have never really had meat from the grocer just because I have always bought from the meat packing company.

Where is a great place to get beef. I have bought from Sam's Club and thought that was pretty good for the price. Have you been happy with your beef.

Help me to decide what to do with $800 for beef.